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Wild Years

Brett Saison w. Muscat & Nectarines・12oz・

8.7% abv

Wild Years Brett Saison w. Muscat and Nectarines underwent mixed fermentation before being conditioned on Muscat grape skins from Fielding Estates Winery and Nectarines from Sunnydale in Niagara. Naturally conditioned in bottles since December, Wild Years displays bright white wine aromatics, with pineapple & peach following on the palate, finishing dry and refreshing.

Violets Are Blue

Gamay Gose ・750mL BTL・

6.3% abv

Violets are Blue Gamay Gose is back for 2021! This year’s version pours a gorgeous rosy pink with heady aromas of strawberry, watermelon, and cherry, capped off by a stunningly dry acidity engulfed by grape, cherry, roses and field berry. It’s a Prince song in a glass. Think Sexy Dancer – the album version. Brewed with Gamay juice and skins from Fielding Estates Winery and additional skins from Rosewood Winery.

Roses Are Red

Gewurtztraminer Gose ・750mL BTL ・

7.5% abv

Roses are Red Gewurtztraminer Gose – a beautiful new hybrid brewed with Gewurtztraminer grapes from Rosewood Winery and juice from Fielding Estates. Over 600lbs of freshly pressed Gewurztraminer skins were added to a traditional zero-hop gose for extended aging. Pouring a honeycomb gold with aromatics of elderflower, white grape juice, and stone fruit with tropical lychee and bright floral character bursting out of the bottle. Roses is pure love in a glass.

Higher Love

Pale Ale w. Blood Orange and Plum ・500mL BTL ・

4.8% abv

Higher Love Pale Ale w. Blood Orange and Plum! As the clock strikes upon the hour and the sun begins to fade, this beautifully fruited session Pale Ale pours a hazy burnt orange, washing over the senses with ripe plum, dried apricot and gorgeous stone fruit flavours. This beer decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow – it’s a truly unique, easy drinking beer – for when worlds are turning, and we’re just hanging on.

California Never Felt Like Home

East Coast IPA w. West Coast Citrus

6.3% abv

California Never Felt Like Home, but this juicy IPA sure takes the best of each coast and brings them together! It’s like if Biggie and Pac decided to become best friends. Imagine? We brought our favourite west coast citrus fruits and packed a whole lot of zest into a hazy east coast IPA!

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Sour w. Blackberry, Black Currant, & Vanilla

4.6% abv

The newest in the Waves series that sees two fruits pair up with vanilla for a balance of tart and sweet. Think blackberry pie and black currant jam. Warm fruit, bright tartness, smooth finish.

Violets Are Blue

Gamay Gose

6.2% abv

Violets Are Blue is a gose aged on freshly pressed Rosewood Estates Gamay grapes. Drinks like a Gamay rosé petnat – strawberry, rhubarb, juicy raspberry, balanced acidity, fine carbonation after aging in bottle for 5 months. Gamay gosé rosé ya’ll!

What Friends Are For

Coffee Cake Bread Pudding Pastry Stout

10.2% abv

A collaboration with Sawdust City

We had the pleasure of hosting our friend Sam from Sawdust City to brew a monster stout inspired by our dessert menu – specifically, our Coffee Cake Bread Pudding! This rich stout is packed with Coffee, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Lactose, and trays of our actual bread pudding. Dark chocolate and coffee are balanced by creamy vanilla and lactose. This beer will be a lot easier to share with a friend than our bread pudding.


Cab Franc Hybrid Saison

7.5% abv

Our goal with this beer was to represent the beginning and end of harvest. Last year we took hundreds of pounds of Rosewood Crab Franc skins, sealed them, and stored them so we could use them in the future. This past February, we went to the same vineyard the Cab Franc grapes came from, and trimmed the canes on the vines, making the way for new growth to start. We then took those canes, dried them, and used them to smoke a small portion of the grain we used in this beer. We then brewed a rustic saison base that was then aged on the Crab Franc skins. Our goal was to create a flavour profile similar to those found in piquettes, a style we’ve loved seeing the resurgence in. ‘Then’ displays bright spring fruitiness – think raspberry, cranberry, strawberry, alongside subtle funkiness. ‘Then’ finishes very dry with bright and high carbonation. Naturaly conditioned in keg and bottle.


French Table Beer

3% abv

It’s time to reclaim the lunchtime pint. Meals should be worth celebrating, and what better way to do so than having a pint in hand while you take a mid-day break to enjoy a bite? At 3%, SVP is approachable, but different than most attempts are creating a “light” beer as it’s brewed with wheat and barley, and fermented with our house saison yeast.

Available In Cans


Dry Hopped Saison with Orange Peel & Indian Coriander ・355mL Can ・

5.3% abv

Chanan is a hybrid of three styles as it is hopped like an IPA, uses orange peel and coriander like a Belgian wit, and is fermented with our house saison yeast. Chanan is full of bright citrus aromas and flavours and drinks dry, making for an approachable, but complex, refreshing sip every time.