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French Table Beer

3% abv

It’s time to reclaim the lunchtime pint. Meals should be worth celebrating, and what better way to do so than having a pint in hand while you take a mid-day break to enjoy a bite? At 3%, SVP is approachable, but different than most attempts are creating a “light” beer as it’s brewed with wheats, oats, and barley, and fermented with our house saison yeast.


Dry Hopped Saison with Orange Peel & Indian Coriander

5.3% abv

Chanan is a hybrid of three styles as it is hopped like an IPA, uses orange peel and coriander like a German wit, and is fermented with our house saison yeast. Chanan is full of bright citrus aromas and flavours and drinks dry, making for an approachable, but complex, refreshing sip every time.

Young Rival


6% abv

Young Rival is our flagship IPA. Using a blend El Dorado, Amarillo, and Mosaic hops, we focused on creating a juicy and tropical IPA with very limited bitterness, and a simple malt bill that lets the hops shine.


Fruit Loop Milkshake IPA

6% abv

Brewed with 60lbs of Froot Loops and dry hopped with Amarillo and Citra, Breakfast? balances flavours of bright candied citrus with a creamy vanilla milkshake mouthfeel and a finish that lingers like the last sip of milk from the cereal bowl.

Magic Number

Neapolitan Milkshake Stout

5% abv

Our favourite trio of ice cream flavours: decadent chocolate, strawberry cream, and vanilla all work in harmony in this full-bodied stout. Aromatics are rich chocolate and sweet strawberry. The creamy mouthfeel may even trick you into thinking this is really a scoop of the classic Neapolitan ice cream.

Bright Eyes


5% abv

A vibrant fruity ester and floral aroma with subtle hints of lavender lead to flavours of lemon meringue thanks to the addition of lemon peels, vanilla, and lactose. Bright Eyes is refreshing and sessionable, with a smooth mouthfeel and classic Wit finish.

On Two

Double IPA

8% abv

Double dry hopped with a ton of Motueka, Mosaic, and Amarillo for huge pineapple, peach, and passionfruit flavour and aromatics. Deceptively 8% with a smooth mouthfeel and a dry finish thanks to the use of flaked oats and wheat.

All Roads

Cantaloupe Saison

6.7% abv

This twist on a classic saison is full of traditional yeast-driven bubblegum and summer fruit notes. These aromatics and flavours are given a boost by aging the beer on cantaloupe, creating a perception of sweetness balanced by the dry finish.

Between Us


4.3% abv

Kettle soured with lactobacillus, this wheat based German style ale results in a slightly tart, and very refreshing, citrus flavour. Between Us has beautiful aromas of strawberry and rhubarb with a very subtle saline character common to the style.

Real Real

American Sour Saison

6.5% abv

Real Real is a collaboration with our friend Jen Nad, brewer at Dieu Du Ciel. Real Real was brewed to approach a hopped kettle sour slightly differently. The addition of spelt adds to the body of the beer and provides a touch of honey-like sweetness.

For guest tap, cider, and wine options, please see menu board in our taproom.

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