Currently On Tap


Imperial Stout


9.0% abv

A swirling blend of chocolate wafer, nutmeg, and roasty Americano tied together by a full, smooth mouthfeel. The ultimate beer for lovers of moist chocolate cake and well-made coffee.


Red Ale


4.6% abv

Comfort zone. Red zone. Strike zone. Getting in the zone. Whichever zone is yours, our classic Red Ale is perfect. Pouring a shimmering garnet-copper with all the crisp, refreshing malt sweetness and mild hop character that makes this style the ultimate goodbye to the heat and an emphatic hello to sweater weather.  


Fruited Sour w. Cherry, Banana, Lime and Vanilla


4.2% abv

The latest addition to our WAVES series of fruited sours with vanilla explodes with juicy cherry, zesty bright lime, tasty banana and that signature WAVES vanilla cream smoothness!

Ever Nice

Dry Lager


4.8% abv

A crisp, refreshing post-work or post-lawn mowing beer ideal for the patio! Fill your summer with refreshing joy – ain’t that ever nice?!

Young Rival



6.0% abv

Young Rival is our flagship IPA. Using a blend El Dorado and Mosaic hops, we focused on creating a juicy and tropical IPA with very limited bitterness, and a simple malt bill that lets the hops shine.


French Table Beer


3% abv

It’s time to reclaim the lunchtime pint. Meals should be worth celebrating, and what better way to do so than having a pint in hand while you take a mid-day break to enjoy a bite? At 3%, SVP is approachable, but different than most attempts are creating a “light” beer as it’s brewed with wheat and barley, and fermented with our house saison yeast.

For guest tap, cider, and wine options, please see menu board in our taproom.






Fries* — 9

MERIT Spicy Mayo, Curry Mayo, Malt Mayo or Sesame Mayo

Nacho Fries* — 13

Queso, Pico De Gallo, Roasted Poblano & Lime Crema, Green Onion

Add House Made Bacon - 3

Hot Fries* — 10

MERIT Fries tossed in Secret Hot Wing Sauce, Side of Double Dill Dip

Kale & Brussel Sprout Caesar Salad w/Bacon — 14

Kale, Deep Fried Brussel Sprouts, Romaine, Caramelized Onions, House Smoked Bacon, Croutons, Romano Cheese, Black Pepper

Mac & Cheese w Bacon OR Fried Brussel Sprouts — 14

House Smoked Bacon OR Deep Fried Brussel Sprouts, Gruyere, Grana Padano, Old Cheddar, Mozzarella, Barrel Fermented Hot Sauce



Garlic Pickles — 7

Garlic, Dill, Black Peppercorns

Mixed Seasonal Pickles — 9

Chili & Garlic Pickled Peppers, Dill Carrots, Curry Cauliflower, Lemon Waxed Beans, Sweet Pickled Grapes

MERIT Hot Sauce — 1.5

Anaheim Peppers, Toasted Cardamom, Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel, Lacto Fermented, Solera Method



Butter Chicken - 14

Curry Spiced Chicken with Tikka Masala, Mango Chutney, Micro Cilantro, Naan

Cheddar Smokie - 14

Smoked Beef & Cheddar Sausage with Shaved Onion, Beer Mustard, Green Onion

Pizza Deluxe - 14

Classic Italian Sausage with House Made Pepperoni, Red Peppers, and Mushrooms, Topped with Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella & Fresh Basil

Chicken Dumpling - 14

Chicken Dumpling Sausage topped with Seasame Mayo, Black Vinegar, Chili Crisp, Scallion & Toasted Seasame Seeds

Andouille - 14

Course Pork Sausage with Paprika, Chili Flakes, Fresh Nutmeg, Oregano & Thyme. Topped with Sauteed Onion and Peppers, Spicy Mayo and Micro Cilantro

Meatloaf - 14

Coarse Beef Sausage with Panko, topped with Candied Ketchup, House Smoked Bacon, Fresh Bread & Butter Pickles and Crispy Fried Onions

To Share - ALL THE SAUSAGE - 75

One of Every Sausage Link, Condiments, Garlic Pickles, Mixed Seasonal Pickles, Two Classic Fries or One Speciality Fries


Cauliflower Bhaji Link with Spicy Ginger Carrots, Curry Mayo, Tamarind Sauce, Green Onion, Naan

    Order the Bhaji topped like any of our sausages! Ask us how.



Apple Crumble  - 9

Housemade Granny Smith & Golden Delicious Apple Pie Filling Topped with Brewer's Oat Crumble and drizzled with Gingerbread-infused Salted Caramel