Located in the heart of downtown Hamilton at 107 James Street North, MERIT Brewing is a brewery, kitchen, and bottle shop. Guided by a team of ambitious friends, MERIT strives to represent the heart, art, and soul of Hamilton in every beer, every bite, and every experience.

Our Beer

We are inspired by tradition but like breaking the rules. Through brewing and culinary techniques, we push flavours and aromas to the forefront of the “why” we brew. From simple to complex flavours that can be layered or singular, we want our beer to speak a lot, but also very little depending on situation. We’re considered 5th ingredient brewers who add to every batch – whether that’s fruits, herbs, spices, teas, or just a good story.

Our Food

We want to make great sausage. Not just for Hamilton, not just for Ontario, but we want to make sausages as good as you’ll find them anywhere. Like our beer, we think first and foremost about the flavours we experience when eating and creating.

Our Team

We’re a group of ambitious people that consider each other family. We’re lucky enough to play off each other’s strengths and support each other’s shortcomings, while collectively working to improve each day. We believe in growth, not just personally, but in our community. We love learning and take every opportunity we get to speak to farmers, winemakers, chefs, musicians, carpenters, metalworkers, etc… about their art. We believe in Hamilton, a city driven by innovation in industry and art. We are Tej, Aaron, Jesse, Andrea, Paul, Teresa, Mallorie, James, Chris, Kellie, Kane, Kate, Shawn, Alicia, Kyle, Natalee, Andy, Anya, Jay, Jane, Katie, Wes, and Dallas ….. We are MERIT.