Posted by Tej Jordan Sandhu, August 21, 2019

As part of this year’s Milkshake Day, we’re going to be donating 100% of the proceeds from our Lemonade Stand (serving up PWYC MERIT Lemonade and fresh-squeezed OJ alongside treats from Fresh Kravings) and our MERIT x Witly ‘Make-Your-Own-Tie-Dye Shirt Station’ to SAGE.

SAGE is a peer support group for trans, non-binary, two spirit, gender nonconforming and for young people exploring their gender. It’s a space where folks give and gain support, have fun and build community. SAGE meets twice a month at the St. Joes Youth Wellness Centre and New Generation Youth Centre and is a safe space for a community that needs one more than ever right now.

The past few months in Hamilton have been particularly scary for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

In case you haven’t been following the news…

Chris Farias details the early Summer events that have, rightfully so, sparked fear and anger in the community HERE

Myke Hutchings details the communities feelings honestly HERE

And Laura Babcock and Graham Crawford urged the institutions in our city, that should be protecting its people, to act HERE

Over the past couple months, we have been actively listening and speaking to members of the community about how we can support, which led us to SAGE! We hope you’ll help us support, not only Saturday, but on an on-going basis as well.

Looking for something to do before Milkshake Day? There is an on-going Unity Rally at City Hall this Saturday. We will be there and we hope to see you there too.