Harvest 2019 – Double Release Info

Posted by Tej Jordan Sandhu, October 21, 2019

Fall is undoubtably one of our favourite times of the year. The cool crisp breeze means we aren’t sweating through our shirts in the brewery anymore, but it’s still nice enough to cozy up with a blanket on the patio. Falling leaves paint a canvas around the city, and we’ve been enjoying the bounty that the farmers around us bring to life every year. At the same time, our wine-making friends are just beginning their harvest, preparing the delicious things we’ll enjoy in years to come. In celebration of the harvest, and the people who bring it to life every year, we’re excited to release two beers this Saturday at our Good Things 2019 party!


Good Things is our annual harvest release that utilizes one of the most amazing ingredients we have ever had the opportunity to work with, Rosewood Honeycomb, alongside two of our favourite ingredients from each year’s harvest. This year’s Good Things uses two of our favourite fruits from the summer – juicy sweet Nectarines and tart crunchy blue plums, alongside a ton of Rosewood Honeycomb. The result is a rustic Saison that displays funky honey and tart orchard fruit. Fermented dry, but a sweet perception thanks to the honeycomb. Balancing the juicy fruit of summer with the warmth of honey perfectly represents the transitioning season that we find ourselves in these days. A slightly higher (7.1% abv) seems appropriate, like a cozy blanket on a patio.


With Then, our Cab Franc Hybrid Saison, our goal was to represent the beginning and end of harvest. Last year we took hundreds of pounds of Rosewood Cab Franc skins, sealed them, and stored them frozen so we could use them in the future. This past April, we went to the same vineyard the Cab Franc grapes came from, and trimmed the canes on the vines, making the way for new growth to start. We then took those canes, dried them, and use them to toast & smoke a small portion of the grain we used in this beer. We then brewed a classic saison base that was then aged on the Cab Franc skins. Our goal was to create a flavour profile similar to those found in piquettes, a style we’ve loved seeing the resurgence in. ‘Then’ displays bright spring fruitiness alongside subtle funk. Then’ finishes very dry with bright and high carbonation.

Come enjoy both this Saturday from 12pm-6pm, as we celebrate with a pop-up farmers market featuring Longshot Farms, The Barton General, Stinger’s Jams, Rosewood Winery, and Steeltown Cider! We’ll also be presenting a one-day-only harvest inspired menu and leading guided tastings in the brewery at 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm. More details for you HERE! See you Saturday!