Chanan Singh Sandhu Memorial Scholarship

Posted by Tej Jordan Sandhu, December 20, 2019


MERIT announces Chanan Singh Sandhu Memorial Scholarship in partnership with Empowerment Squared, $12,000 collected from Anniversary Month sales.


Before the MERIT name represented our brewery, it was a furniture store in Nanaimo, BC, founded by Tej’s grandparents, Chanan and Charan Sandhu. They used Merit Furniture as a way to facilitate the immigration of hundreds of people to Canada, and upon their arrival employed, fed, housed, clothed, and supported them in their new life. Their work cemented the idea in our head and heart that the best businesses have a purpose. MERIT Brewing is our way to recognize their work and inspires us to build a business rooted in community.


The impact Chanan had on the world is of incredible measure. He lived his life with love, selflessness, and generosity at the forefront of everything he did. Today (December 20th) marks one year without Chanan, and when looking for a way to celebrate his life and continue his legacy, we felt an immediate connection to the work that Empowerment Squared is doing to support and empower newcomers in our own community. We feel incredibly lucky to partner with Empowerment Squared to announce the Chanan Singh Sandhu Scholarship which will be awarded to two recipients for the next 3 years to support the pursuit of higher education and support the dreams of some amazing members of our community. This past May, our anniversary month, we collected 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Merit’s Chanan beer to make this scholarship possible. Thank you to those who came to celebrate Chanan with us!


Hamilton is a city defined by merit. We know what is special about this city. We’re people that are willing to work to make our city better. We recognize our city for its merits, for the heart and soul of the people and businesses that make Hamilton a special place to live and work and we hope this scholarship, and our partnership with Empowerment Squared, facilitates opportunity and growth for more individuals and families in Hamilton.


For more information or any questions, please contact: Tej Sandhu