In The Dead Of Winter

Posted by Tej Jordan Sandhu, November 24, 2017

Cold is temporary, and can easily be removed from one’s bones through many avenues: a crackling fireplace, a blanket, long johns, a cup of cacao, a hug from your favourite Aunt, or… perhaps… (might we suggest) a night hosted by yours truly; a beer dinner and beer release… In The Dead Of Winter.

We’re talking five courses, five beers, and one magically warm night with friends around eight dinner tables. Like good lyrics to a melody, the beer and food pairings are being tailored to compliment, enhance, and make you think twice about your experience on this fateful night. Ok, sure we make sausages. Ok, fine we make beer. But we like pushing limits and bending traditions. That’s why we’re not serving sausage on January 21. Instead, we’ll present a family-style feast for each table that will represent the deep, dark woods and the convivial spirit of a good winter supper.  This evening of camaraderie and shared coziness will be embodied through a meal full of velvety tetures and rich, warming flavours.

Creating is our forte, indulging is our vice. Join us, and let us show you that you never grow cold around a dinner table.